Friday, 7 July 2017

Aberfoyle Antique Market - #Canada150 Long Weekend

So this is definitely a departure from my regular posts. I mentioned a while back about wanting to add more personal posts on my blog to go along with bookish things. I also really love seeing blogs that format photos and very minimal text, and posts that highlight travel adventures. So here is my first one: during the Canada150 long weekend, Jeremy and I headed up to Guelph with his parents and we stopped by the Aberfoyle Antique Market. I haven't visited an antique market in what feels like forever, but I felt like I was back to being little and exploring the St. Lawrence Market stalls looking for skeleton keys. I didn't end up purchasing anything but a lemonade, but it was a beautiful day and we saw a lot (including some adorable pooches in strollers). I highly recommend giving this place a look if you want to find some old vintage finds and be sure to bring good shoes (because you will be walking a lot) and pack on that sunscreen if you go on a sunny day! 

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