Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Favorite Non-Written Novels | Top 5 Wednesday

Hi everyone! So.. I know you are all probably thinking.. a top 5 Wednesday post? The last time I wrote one of these was in 2015! :O I've been meaning to bring it back for a while, so here I am! I loved the topics listed for February so I definitely wanted to participate. For those of you are don't know what the Top 5 Wednesday is, it is a group that was created on Goodreads and each month, they post a prompt to help you curate posts for every Wednesday. You can see the topics of February 2017 here!

For the topic this week, the emphasis is on non-written novels: "This was a hard topic to name, but this is about all books that are not 'written' novels! So graphic novels, comics, manga, audiobooks, etc. Shed some light on books in other forms" I'll admit, this was definitely a hard one, so I will list some of my current favorites, not my all-time favorites since that list would be so incredibly long. 

So if you don't follow me on twitter, you may not know that I am a pretty big Voltron fan. I love the new Netflix series so much by Dreamworks. Also, I am quite smitten with these two characters: Lance and Keith. They aren't cannon, but my god, I love their relationship. That led to me going to find fanfiction for them. I haven't read ff since Harry Potter "ended" and I honestly haven't had a reason to go look for it. But recently, I've been loving AO3 as an outlet to find good reads! I was recommended this one by one of my besties and it has a format of text messages and the story is just so lovely and sweet. It made me smile so much and I just loved how the relationship blossomed. I also loved how the other characters played a role in the overall story. Also there is a big emphasis on cats. Even if you don't ship them, please give this a try because this story was amazing! I'm also currently reading other ff by safra and ahhh, I love everything that is written. 

One of my favorite apps ever on my phone is my Audible app. I subscribe to the monthly credit system so that allows me to get audiobooks. I love audiobooks for commuting since it helps take away from the fact that commutes can be long and awful. It also helps me stay awake on the bus :P But I just love audiobooks. Especially when they are memoirs read by the person who wrote them. I've read quite a few memoirs last year but this one was one of my favorites. With the new Gilmore Girls episodes releasing, Lauren Graham also wrote a book. It was so great to hear about her experiences before GG, after GG, and how it was returning to GG. She also spoke about her time on Parenthood and spoke about her personal life. I knew a bit about her before, but I have a new found appreciation for Lauren and all the work that she has done. She is also so down to earth and funny. I felt like I was just listening to a friend the entire time. If you aren't familiar with GG, I think you would still enjoy this! 

3. [Manga] Say I Love You by Hanae Hazuki 
As someone who is doing her graduate studies in anime/manga, let me tell you, narrowing down my favorites for manga was so hard! I love a wide range of manga from shojo to shonen. I will always love a good fluffy romance manga. I was recommended this by the same bestie that recommended the klance fanfiction ;) and I loved it from the very first volume. The final volume (#18) is due later this year, but trust me, you just breeze right through them. They are so enjoyable and I love how the author writes about a person's inner thoughts and insecurities so honestly. She also gave so much character growth for characters, even the ones you aren't fans of at first. I love this story so much and I'm so sad it will be ending later this year. Please check it out. You will love Mei and Yamato's love story! 

4. [Manga] Horimiya by Daisuke Hagiwara 
Another cute fluffy romance. This series is still relatively new. I love the covers so much and the spines look amazing on the shelf. This story follows the friendship to relationship of Hori and Miyamura. Both are such fantastic characters and I love how much family and friendship plays a role in the entire series. I love how it is constantly exceeding my expectations and pushing the limit. I love it so much and I'm already dying for the next issue! 

5. [Comic/Graphic Novel] Archie by Mark Waid 
I grew up reading Archie comics and I remember every Sunday grocery shopping with my mom, I would beg her to let me buy a copy of the latest comic. I love Archie comics so much! I was stoked to find out they were re-releasing it with a darker vibe in graphic novel form. It is written by Mark Waid who does a fantastic job bringing Archie and the rest of the Riverdale gang to life in a new and fresh way. The art is absolutely beautiful and I love how it still has the same charm as the old comics. 

And there you have it! My top 5 for favorite non-written novels. I hope I gave some good exposure to other forms of narratives. Let me know if you check any of my recommendations out or if you have any of your own you want me to check out! 


  1. I can't wait to check out Talking As Fast As I Can on audiobook!

    1. Yes!! Let me know what you think of it. Such a fun read.