Saturday, 22 August 2015


Hi everyone! I hope that you are all doing well. A bit of an update post from me today!
  • Bout of Books this time around did not work out again. I got caught up with work and research and I just was not able to read as much as I planned to. So for those of you who expected BoB update posts and the like, I'm so sorry! I'm really hoping that the next time around it will work out!
  • I used to get book reviews up the day of book release, but that has been a bit hard lately! I've been reading a bit slower recently and also, I want to make sure that I write the best review that I can and I really don't want to rush and write something only to get it up at a certain time. So book reviews will still remain the same, but they may not go up exactly on release date, but around the time frame (within two weeks before or after release date).
  • Book series like Top 5 Wednesday will start up again when school starts up for me. I can manage series a lot better when school gets around.
Lastly, I want to say that there will be all the same stuff that I've had before: book reviews, event recaps, book tags, etc. But I want to start incorporating more ~personal~ posts on the blog that surround my lifestyle a bit more.. so for example, music, movies, self-help stuff, health and fitness stuff. I hope that you will enjoy this new chapter addition of Padfoot's Library! Stick around because a TON of posts are headed your way soon ;)

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