Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Favorite Comics

A while back, I did a post about my favorite Marvel comics, which you can read about here. Since the, I've fallen down the rabbit hole. Literally. Into the world of Marvel, DC, Image comics, Darkhorse comics and more. I have a pull file at my local comic book shop and I'm constantly adding and removing titles, following way too many series and just have become a bit obsessed with comics this past year. 

I thought that for those interested in getting into comics or slowly getting into, I would share some of my favorite comics. Most of these series are well into like the 19th issue, or close to being completed. But this is a good thing because this means the collected bind-up either in hardback or trade paperback will now be available which is a lot easier to find (and cheaper too ;)). 

Anyways, below are my all-time favorite titles that just are amazing series:

1. Black Widow (Marvel)
Unfortunately, Black Widow is ending with the Secret Wars and will not be renewing with the All-New marvel series reboot which will happen in the fall. But that only means beautiful paperbacks! This series is just amazing and it gives a closer look into the avenger that we all know and love. We get Natasha's background story and we get to see how she thinks with current missions. I love the story arcs in this series so much and it never disappoints! 

2. Ms Marvel (Marvel) 
Kamila Khan. What a fantastic protagonist. This comic is basically seeing a fan of marvel become a superhero. It is just wonderful to see how Kamila's home-life (her culture, her beliefs) tie into the story arcs. The art is also really lovely and you get to see some familiar faces pop up in the series which will definitely delight marvel fans (Hello Loki). I really liked how it also ties into the world of the inhumans. Ms Marvel will continue again in the all-new marvel reboot and I'm so excited to see where Kamila ends up next. 

3. Deadly Class (Image Comics)
Let me just preface this comic with saying, it is pretty messed up. But in the best way. This story follows Marcus who joins a school where they train assassins. Failure is punishable by death. Besides the regular problems one face's in high-school, like getting your work done on time and love problems, Marcus and his friends face a lot more. Like how to stay alive amongst all the chaos. I just love how this series really pushes the envelope and brings you something that blows you away issue after issue. The art style is also very different but in a wonderful way. This was one of the first series I started and I still love it! The past issue was just all kinds of crazy, so I recommend you start catching up so you can also go "Omg" with me! 

4. Sex Criminals (Image Comics) 
AHH this series. I don't even know where to begin with this series. I just love Fraction and Zdarsky so much. I've had the pleasure of meeting Chip twice now and he is just a riot! The story follows John and Suzie who are connected through the place the enter during "sex" - it is quite strange to explain.. but know that it goes beyond that. It focuses on relationships and somehow saving a library? I think the art is fantastic and there are a lot of hilarious moments in it. The end though with notes from Zdarsky and Fraction is what I look forward to EVERY. ISSUE. 

5. Saga (Image Comics)
Saga!! I remember when this first came out, there was so much hype surrounding it. But it deserved every bit of it and more! The story follows Alana and Marko who are both from worlds at war but both in love. Kind of a forbidden romance. Throw in some crazy Princes, creatures and oh, the regular family problems.. that is Saga. I really love this series so much. The art is FANTASTIC and the storylines really blow you away. 

6. Harley Quinn (DC)
So this is the only DC series I read and really enjoy. I was always intrigued with the Harley Quinn character and all that I knew from before was her connections to the Joker. This comic series really goes beyond that and shows Harley trying to make a life for herself away from all of that. There are tons of familiar faces from the DC-universe and it is just a lot of fun to see what Harley gets up to! 

7. Ant-Man (Marvel)
I did not think it was possible to love Scott Lang more while reading this comic and after recently seeing the movie, my love for him is with FULL-FORCE now. My goodness the art in this comic is just so detailed, vibrant and all around beautiful. I love the storylines that the comic has gone on so far and I really enjoy that it moves away from the movie storyline a bit and offers a really good scope on Lang entirely. Please read it, you will LOVE it! 

 Oh and a few honourable mentions: 
L to R: All-New Hawkeye (Marvel), Lumberjanes (Boom) and Silk (Marvel) 
The new Hawkeye series just started but the art. THE ART. The artist is going to be at Fan Expo this year and I am over the moon excited. Lumberjanes has been a favorite of mine for a while, it is a lot of fun and the art is done by Noelle Stevenson who is an absolute sweetheart! Lastly, Silk, this is a newer series but still really enjoyable and offers a deeper look into Cindy Moon. 

Well that is it for me today. Let me know in the comments below if you have read any of these comic titles and what you think of them. Please also let me know what titles are YOUR favorite because I would love to check them out! :D 

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