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Review: Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn

Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn
(Broken Hearts & Revenge Book 1)

Publishing Date: May 5, 2015 (Trade Paperback)
Publisher: Square Fish
Pages: 368 pages
Young Adult Contemporary

The Premise: The story follows Gemma, who had her summer all planned out to go away with her boyfriend, until he decides to break up with her one day in Target. This puts her in the Hamptons after being away for five years. She's been away because in the Hamptons, something happened with her former best friend Hallie. She is hoping to make amends for her actions and hopes that Hallie does not hold a grudge against her, but a case of mistaken identity happens and Hallie and her brother, Josh (potential love interest for Gemma) believes that Gemma is someone else to make things even more complicated.

My overall thoughts and review: To begin with, for those of you that don't know who Katie Finn is, she is actually Morgan Matson. If you remember this time last year, I read Morgan Matson's Since You've Been Gone (full review here) and I LOVED it, so I was incredibly excited to read another book by her and I picked up this one. For those of you that know the old cover, there has been a cover change with the release of the trade paperback this year which makes me a bit sad since I really loved the original cover. Anyways, onto the story. I do enjoy some revenge stories every now and then, but I found this plot dragging on quite a lot. It got to the point where I just couldn't believe that Gemma AND Hallie were still going about with this case of "mistaken identity" and I think because Gemma wasn't really Gemma, I didn't feel like the relationship that was blossoming between her and Josh, to be quite genuine at all. It was a decent story and it obviously ends on a cliffhanger to lead into the next book, but I wasn't blown away with it. There was not as much emphasis on friendship, which I really loved in Since You've Been Gone, which is ironic since the story is about Gemma trying to make amends for her actions in a friendship. I felt like she neglected her already current friend Sophie and I was hoping to see more of Sophie and Gemma in this book which would also be a nice way to depict Gemma's growth as a character. All in all, like I said, it was a decent story, but not something I would recommend you rush out to buy. I much prefer her other books to this one. I am reading the sequel to it now, so I will definitely have a review up for that. I hope that the next book focuses more on Gemma and Sophie and less on this revenge-plot with Hallie and Gemma. It would also be nice to get more of Hallie's perspective as well.

My rating of the book:   (3/5 stars) 

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