Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Review: Doodle Lit by Jennifer Adams & Illustrated by Alison Oliver

Doodle Lit by Jennifer Adams & Illustrated by Alison Oliver

Publishing Date: August 1, 2014
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
Pages: 272 pages
Colouring/Drawing Book

The Premise: From those who made the Babylit Books, comes Doodle Lit, which is a colouring and drawing book for those that want to celebrate classical literature in ~doodle~ form. The book incorporates many literary favorites such as Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll and more. There are many pages filled with quirky designs for colouring but also crafting.

My overall thoughts and review: It seems that within the past few months, adult colouring books has just sky-rocketed. The popularity surrounding colouring books is insane. I myself have jumped on this bandwagon and I've been obsessed with colouring books as of late (I will have a full post up about this obsession at some point). When a literary agent contacted me about reviewing this book, I was instantly excited. I know about the babylit books through the grapevine and I even have a fellow colleague at school who is writing a paper on the use of babylit books, so I was quite excited that babylit has come up with a new and more interactive platform to take their work. The book is quite large, 272 pages and filled with tons of activities for your child. The instructions are clear, but also, there is a lot of freedom to ~do as you wish~ with each page. I think it is fascinating that you are introducing literary classics to a child quite earlier on, and in a way that is instructive but also playful. As a twenty-something, I definitely enjoyed looking through this book, but even more so, using it. I know that it is marketed for children, but with the new love for colouring books for adults, I think this is one that some adults would definitely enjoy as well, seeing all the literary classics incorporated. I would highly recommend this for any parent looking to add a non-traditional colouring book into their child's life (and to check out Babylit in general because they have a wide range!), but also I would like to highly recommend this to those that are adults and are loving this current colouring book phase. It will not disappoint!

Now available for purchase at:
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Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by Gibbs Smith for consideration/review. All opinions are my own. 


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