Thursday, 6 November 2014

Review: Lost At Sea by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Publishing Date: March 2005
Publisher: Oni Press, Inc
Pages: 160 pages
Graphic Novel

The Premise: The story follows Raleigh who is on a road trip with three other characters, her classmates who she doesn't really know that well, or really like. She believes that she has no soul and that she lost it, and perhaps even a cat stole it. The narrative follows Raleigh on this road trip and the reader learns, what exactly is she doing on that road trip, who are the people she's with and what exactly happened to her soul?

My overall thoughts and review: I've read some of the Scott Pilgrim books before, so I am familiar with O'Malley's style of artwork. One of my best friends Alysia, lent this to me to read so I was quite intrigued by it. The premise sounded interesting but immediately, the way it is formatted is incredibly confusing, and like Raleigh, you never get a full "answer". You learn only tidbits.. and you would think it would amount to some grand ending, but it doesn't really. I found it anti-climatic really, and I really wanted some more information about Raleigh. Overall, it was an okay read for a graphic novel. I liked the chasing the cats around bits, since that was cute and funny, but that was mostly all that I really enjoyed from it. If you are a fan of Bryan Lee O'Malley, then perhaps you might appreciate this more than I did, but in the end, I'd rather just read his Scott Pilgrim stuff.

My Rating of the Book:  (3/5 stars)

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