Friday, 13 June 2014

Review: To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

The Premise: The story follows protagonist Lara Jean, who has loved five different boys. For every boy, she writes a love letter to them, but not to tell them that she loves them, but to pour out her heart and feelings to finally move on from them. It is in a way a goodbye letter to them, a way that helps he resolve her feelings. Lara Jean always places her letters in a hat box that her mother gave her and she never actually mails the letters out, until one day, all five of her letters go missing and they are sent out to the recipients. Lara Jean must navigate the consequences of this action of the letters being mailed out, while dealing with family problems, such as her older sister moving for University, and having to take over the role of the older sister for her younger sister. The story follows Lara Jean as she moves out of her shell and tries to cope with how the letters are received by the boys while juggling the regular drama tropes of school, family and friends.

My overall thoughts and review: I had picked up this book because I was going to the signing for Jenny Han which you can read about here :) This was my first Han book ever and I went into it with high expectations after hearing all the rave about it, and it lived up to my expectations and even exceeded it! I LOVED Lara Jean's story so much. She was definitely a frustrating characters at time, but she was so real, and reminded me of myself around that age, dealing with everything and how at that age, it is normal to make mistakes when dealing with boys and how it is all a learning process which helps you grow from it. I loved the family dynamic as well, and reading about her relationship with her older sister Margo and her younger sister Kitty. Kitty was amazing! She was so quirky and just so much fun to read about. I really loved the love interest as well (and this is mostly because it reminded me so much of my own boyfriend). I love relationships that are grown out of friendship because I believe those are the best ones and the strongest ones. Overall, I really really loved this book and I could not put it down at all! I actually read it all in one sitting! When I got to the end, I was gob-smacked by how quickly it ended, but then I learned through the social grape vines that it is a two-part story, so there will be a sequel for it.. (THANK GOODNESS!). I really enjoyed this so much, and it is up there as one of my favorite books now. Jenny Han just has an amazing way with words. I definitely recommend this if you are interested in a romantic young adult contemporary read, it will not disappoint!

Rating of the book: 5/5 stars.

Have you read this book? If so, let me know what your thoughts are below in the comments! :)

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