Friday, 6 June 2014

#100happydays | Day 23 - June 5th 2014

Yesterday was The Night Before Our Stars event, which was seeing The Fault in Our Stars before it released today and the show included a livestream with a Q&A with John Green and the cast and some musical performances. I went with my best friends NikkiMichelle and Alysia :) We went pretty early to line up and it was kind of crazy, but overall, we got pretty good seats and we got a beautiful bracelet and a signed poster as gifts so that was pretty awesome. Overall, I LOVED the movie so much and I am thinking about writing a full review for it, comparing it to the book in terms of a book to movie adaptation. (I really want to see it a second time however, so it may have not be up soon). But overall, yesterday was pretty awesome. I had a lovely time, I got to see a movie version of a book I love so much, and most of all, I got to spend it all with my lovely friends. :)

Go see it this weekend if you haven't already, but please bring tissues! You will need them!

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