Sunday, 25 May 2014

Review: Where She Went by Gayle Forman

**This is a review for the SECOND book in this duology. For the review of the first book please go here! There will be spoilers below from the first book so please proceed with caution** 

The Premise: At the end of If I Stay, while Mia was in a coma, Adam begged Mia to stay alive, and even made a promise of leaving her and letting them live separate lives if it was too hard for her to return to her old life. At the very end of the first novel, Mia's eyes open up and this second half of the story, in this novel, finds the characters of Adam and Mia, many years after the accident took place. Adam is now a successful singer a part of a band and Mia is pursuing her Cello career in New York. On one fateful evening, they happen to cross paths after not seeing and speaking to each other for years, and the story begins to ask the question, if they can be reunited after all that time?

My overall thoughts and review: Although the story takes place in the future, I really appreciated the flashbacks, especially of recollections of when Mia woke up and the aftermath of that. I went into this story knowing that there are only two outcomes of course, one, they reunite and are happy and the other: they don't and they both accept it. I wanted to know more of Mia's time immediately after waking up and I found while we got that, it was not as much as I was expecting. The emphasis was more on the effects of it later and where they were now in that time of their life. I also loved that we got Adam's perspective in this novel and more of Adam's perspective during interactions with Mia. Mia did feel like a bit of a stranger, but I think that was the point, to show how she felt really different, but perhaps she really wasn't after all this time. I really enjoyed the ending and I thought it was realistic. It was so nice to see again, how music was a main point of their relationship and how it is music that brought the two together. It was Mia's concert that Adam happened to attend that night last minute that got the ball rolling. Overall, I really enjoyed this read and I thought it was a nice conclusion to the duology. As a whole, I really enjoyed this mini series and I think it is definitely worth checking out. I love Forman's style of writing, it just immediately draws you in. After this, I am definitely excited to read other books by her!

Rating of the book: 4/5 stars (leaning towards 4.5 though)

Have you read this series by Gayle Forman? What did you think of the ending for Adam and Mia's story? Let me know in the comments below.

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