Monday, 12 May 2014

Laini Taylor Book Signing | April 22nd 2014

Hi everyone, so I went to a lot of book signings recently.. and I am going to be posting a few individual posts about them within the next hour. I was finishing up the end of the semester so that is why I did not post about them sooner. Anyways, first up.. I went to Chapters Queensway and I got to meet Laini Taylor on April 22nd, 2014. I had only finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone then and I absolutely loved it, so I was super excited to meet her and get my books signed. 

Laini was BEYOND lovely. Her speech and Q&A session was amazing. She spoke about her writing process which was really interesting and also remained spoiler free! It was pretty busy there, but Laini took the time to speak to everyone a little bit before hand, and she signed all of my books which was amazing and signed books for my bestfriends too, who couldn't come and she was sweet enough to personalize them. 


I had such a lovely time, and I also got to meet other book bloggers so that was super exciting. :) Overall, it was a great event and I am so grateful I got to meet Laini! :)


  1. She seems so nice, and I'm so glad she was kind enough to sign a copy even though I wasn't there!

    1. She was lovely! Hope you read it soon