Saturday, 22 February 2014

Meeting Isaac Hempstead Wright & Kristian Nairn at HMV Superstore Toronto

So, I was downtown for the Pompeii Screening which I won tickets to, which you can read all about here, so I was in the area from the morning. I was browsing Silver Snail (as you do) and I overheard that Isaac Hempstead Wright & Kristian Nairn from Game of Thrones was going to be at HMV later that day doing a signing. All you had to do was purchase the Season 3 DVD to receive a wristband, which I was planning on getting anyways. I went right at open and I was able to get one and they gave a really pretty GoT necklace along with the wristband for free (I got a stark one!) and I actually ended up being second in line! :) 

It was a long wait from 10:00am to wait for them, but I met some fellow fans in the line so that was good! They finally arrived and I felt like I was literally in and out after meeting them. I got to speak to Isaac first and he was so sweet and said it was his first time in Toronto and he was really enjoying it! And Kristian, I was telling him I watched the 14-minute GoT season 4 featurette and I loved that he said the most badass line to expect from Season 4 was Hodor's "Hodor!" haha. It was really awesome to meet them and I got them to sign my GoT journal :) 

All in all, great experience, and I am so glad for the opportunity! Come back soon to Toronto Isaac and Kristian! :) 

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