Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Project For Awesome 2013!

So Project for Awesome launched not too long ago. There are some seriously great perks this year. I really wanted the TFIOS one, but it sold out so quickly. But nerdfighters have no fear, there are other great perks related to John Green. Anyways, before I continue on my ramble even more, let me take a step back and explain what it is I am talking about.

Project for Awesome is a project started by the vlogbrothers, John & Hank Green which is to raise money to decrease world suck. Theres an indiegogo page with a lot of perks for donating (mostly donated by youtubers and authors). I highly recommend giving the indiegogo page a look located HERE! This will be my second year donating. I got a pdf file of short stories by John Green last year and it was emailed to me shortly after it ended, so if you are worried about how long it takes for perks to arrive, it is listed depending on each perk. I highly recommend you take a look because it is a great cause and it is the perfect time of the year to give back ;)

Let me know in the comments which perk you donated for!

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