Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Worst Series Enders | Top 5 Wednesday

So this week's topic is a bit of a controversial one. I don't usually like posting bad reviews or well saying bad things about books in general, so I am going to say now as a disclaimer before I begin, they are not the "worst" series enders, I just simply did not enjoy the ending of these particular series. I find it a common thread with trilogies. Where I absolutely love the first one, the second one it gets even better and then the third one, everything usually feels rushed and I am kind of left wanting more.

Anyways, here the choices for this week!

1. Requiem by Lauren Oliver
I had such high hopes for this one and I felt just really confused and distraught after finishing it. I did not feel it was a satisfying end to the series at all and I felt it was very unlike the characters to progress to this point. I was really sad because I LOVED delirium so much. 

2. The Death Cure by James Dashner 
Oh this book. What on earth happened in this book. I really did not enjoy this one and its a shame because the first book in the series was wonderful. I didn't like how the story progressed and I felt that the plot moved in a direction that was difficult to follow. 

3. Horde by Ann Aguirre 
This wasn't the worst series ender ever. I just felt it reached a point where I wasn't overly surprised by the turn of events and it fell flat with me. Overall, I liked this series, but this one was my least favorite of the three. 

4. Reached by Ally Condie
I loved the concept of this world that Ally Condie created but this final book of the series was my least favorite. I felt it did not stand up with the previous two and that similar to how Horde made me feel, it simply fell flat with me. It was predictable and I just knew where it was going before I reached the end. 

5. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
With a heavy heart, I am going to say Allegiant. I loved and hated this book all at once. I think my dislike comes from well the ending. I did not anticipate things to go in this matter. I don't think badly of Veronica Roth at all for choosing this route, in fact, I think it was and still is incredibly brave of her. I think my problems with this book mostly lie in the pacing of it. I felt things were either slow in some areas or moved way too quickly. All in all, it wasn't a bad book, but I much prefer the previous two in the series. 

I think by now you can see a common pattern: I much prefer books 1 & 2 in a series ;)

What books are your Worst Series Enders? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. It's good to know what to expect when I read these series! I'm planning on reading the Divergent series this year...I tend to prefer the first couple of books in a series too!

    1. Yes for sure! :D I hope that this post doesn't necessarily deter you from some of the books, but I think its normal to prefer the earlier books!

    2. Yes for sure! :D I hope that this post doesn't necessarily deter you from some of the books, but I think its normal to prefer the earlier books!

  2. If I were to add a book to this list, I'd say Mockingjay. It killed everything for me, I don't know why D:

    1. Yes for sure! I am not entirely in love with that one either :/