Sunday, 17 August 2014

Killer Lunch at Random House Canada with Tess Gerritsen, Lorenzo Carcaterra and Chris Pavone!

So this past Friday I had the opportunity to visit the Random House Office in Toronto for a Killer Lunch Event! It was an event for three popular suspense novel authors: Tess Gerritsen, Lorenzo Carcaterra and Chris Pavone! I actually attended the event with my bestie Michelle and we were greeted with caution tape all over the doors when we arrived and there was even a door where we could get our mugshots taken! 

The event was to promote the release of the following books: Tess Gerritsen's Die Again (part of the Rizzoli and Isles series) which is out December 30th! Chris Pavone's The Accident which is currently available and Lorenzo Carcaterra's The Wolf which just came out recently! 

We got to hear from each author for a little bit about how they got into writing and where inspiration came from their latest release and every fifteen minutes, the author switched seats so we could interact more with them one and one. There was a delicious lunch with all of this too! We were even treated to a killer carrot cake! ;) And lastly, there was a book signing at the end. I took the opportunity to speak to each of the authors and quickly ask them a question. 

Chris Pavone started the talk and he said something so beautiful that really touched me and that was that "We all go to work hoping to fall in love." To discover something new that we are passionate about and for him, it was publishing. The new book is actually about the publishing and manuscripts and it is fitting since Pavone has such a long history with the publishing world. I can't wait to read The Accident! (I also got an extra signed copy of this book so be on the lookout for a giveaway when the full book review post is up ;)) I also was lucky enough to get Chris' first book The Expats which was actually inspired from real life event of his time in Luxembourg which instantly intrigued me because it just sounds so wonderful! 
Lorenzo Carcaterra told us about his history with writing as well and how he has been with Random House for quite some time now. He told us that the story of The Wolf actually came from a conversation with law enforcements and cops who were talking about how terrorism was quite hard to "defeat" and from there, sprung his idea that an organized crime boss could be a hero against terrorism. He said that he was interested in an unlikely hero.. and this definitely tugged at my heart strings, because I am a huge fan of underdogs and unlikely heroes (my blog's name is Padfoot's Library.. come on!) He said that the book actually took some time to develop, but it is finally here and I cannot wait to dig into this one. Lorenzo included really long messages in my books when he signed them which was incredibly sweet! 
Tess Gerritsen was the last author to speak and I was most excited for her. I have watched a few episodes of the Rizzoli and Isles series now and I really enjoyed them and I honestly did not know that they started off as a book series and the show was an adaptation. I am a huge fan of crime tv shows like Bones and NCIS and well, book format of it is just as amazing. Tess began to tell us that she knew she wanted to be a writer since she was 7 and she actually ended up going to the medical school route. She did however start writing and she actually used to write romantic suspense novels and she always knew that she was meant to be a suspense author. Her inspiration comes from mostly going for the idea that freaks her out the most because it really touches on a stronger level of emotions. She admits that she never planned to write a series, but she ended up really identifying with the character of Jane Rizzoli. I was able to ask her two questions when she was signing my books and I asked her about the future of the series and she said that she sees about 3-4 more books in the future, and she believes the series will be finished when her characters are happy. And lastly, I asked her if there was a certain type of scene that is harder for her to write more than others and she answered me that love scenes were particularly difficult because they have to be done tastefully. I agree Tess, I agree! 

Overall, I had a lovely time. Thank you to the wonderful LindseyJess and the wonderful ladies of Random House Canada for inviting me. I am so grateful to have met these wonderful authors who definitely gave me some wonderful insight into writing and have inspired me! I will have book reviews up for all of the books I received from the event so be sure to look out for those and also a sneaky giveaway soon! :D 

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