Monday, 14 July 2014

Booktubeathon - TBR!

Hi everyone! So I decided very late last night/early this morning that I was going to participate in BOOKTUBEATHON after all. I won't be making youtube videos, but I will be cataloguing my progress here on my blog and on twitter when I can. I have a busy week ahead of me with lots of school work, but I wanted to try and read more since I have been in a bit of a reading slump lately.

Anyways, to start off this update, let me show you my TBR for the week and also which books completes which challenges.

The Reading Challenges:
  • A book with pictures. (Ouran High School Host Club #2 by Bisco Hatori)
  • Start and finish a series. (Reboot & Rebel by Amy Tintera)
  • A book with red on the cover. (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn)
  • A book someone else picks out for you. (Winger by Andrew Smith)
  • A book from a genre you've read the least this year:  Classics/Novella. (A Sleep and A Forgetting by William Dean Howells)
  • A book to movie adaptation. (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - but it doesn't come out until October, so I will most likely find a different book for this challenge) 
  • Read seven books. (All books featured in the photo above) 
There are reading sprints on twitter and also there are some video challenges which you can participate in, but I will try and make them in blog form. I will have an update recapping the day at the end of the day or early the next morning with the progress I made on that day and also letting you know which challenges I was able to complete. The end of the day is near, so expect my update post headed your way shortly!

Are you participating in the Booktubeathon? Let me know in the comments below! 

For more information on Booktubeathon, be sure to check out their youtube page for all the details! 

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