Monday, 12 May 2014

Moira Young Signing | May 12th 2014

Today, I went to the Moira Young Signing at Chapters Brampton. I have been so busy with school recently that I just did not have the time to read all the books prior to the signing. I started Blood Red Road yesterday and I was really enjoying it and then I picked up the final book today before the signing. I ended up going with my two bestfriends Nikki and Michelle, and I also saw a bunch of familiar faces from previous signings! 

Moira came on stage and immediately began telling us the story of how the first novel was conceived and went through telling us the trials and errors which she experienced while writing it. She told us how her inspiration sprung from seeing great epic films with her father growing up and spoke about the western elements in the book and what inspired them. She then went on to explain the process of the other two books and how she planned and organized the narratives for the three novels.

The Q&A session was particularly my favorite where she went into great detail about the actual writing process and how it is significant to have a problem big enough for it to matter to the protagonist and that would serve as the driving force for them throughout the novel. I know it is pretty obvious that point, but really, it is overlooked and she honestly inspired me to want to write! 

We were there pretty early so I was literally the third person in line. Moira spoke to me a bit about how the character Emmi is inspired by her sister and then went on to talk about how her publisher brought in a bird and the significance of the animals in her book. She was incredibly lovely and even asked how far I came to come to the signing. She took the time to speak to all of us for a bit and came around the table and took a picture which was so awesome. It was seriously a wonderful experience meeting her and it really made me appreciate her books on a whole different level. I was enjoying them already but hearing about how it all came together and just seeing HER as a person, well that was something else. She is simply awesome.

I can't wait to continue reading the rest of the books in the Dust Lands series! Have you read them? Let me know in the comments below! 

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