Friday, 21 February 2014

Addicted to The Walking Dead.

Yeah, so I am pretty much the last person on earth to start The Walking Dead. My boyfriend is a huge fan of the show and has been since the beginning, so I have watched a few episodes here and there, but I honestly never really got into it because I was a chicken. I remember the first episode and there was an animal being mauled to death by some zombies and the scene was so gruesome, I just did not want to watch anymore of it. Now flash forward to last Sunday, I decided to watch the two recent episodes with the boyfriend and I really enjoyed it and it was not all that scary (well it was, but I did not hide and cower in the corner).

After that, I decided to start from the beginning again (even though yes, I know some key character deaths and the Governor), I didn't care.. and it is seriously one of those shows that is worth all of the hype. It was so engaging and the characters are so complex (not the zombies, duh!) and let's be serious, I adore Rick Grimes like no other. Not only is he a gorgeous protagonist, I genuinely just agree with him, and if there was a zombie apocalypse forreals, I would do everything he did thus far (I think, I am up to mid season 2 now).

Also, in the same sphere as the TV show, my boyfriend owns the graphic novels and I have read the first 4 now in the series and I am addicted. I can totally read the graphic novels and watch the show at the same time and view them both as separate entities. The show has taken the characters and the world but interpreted it a different way, and in my opinion, the graphic novels are a lot more graphic and adult in content compared to the TV show. I am really enjoying them so far and me and the boyfriend now own all the issues that are out currently, so I am sure I will be flying through those in no time. I was thinking of writing reviews for them, but I wasn't sure.. or maybe, I could do blog post reviews for a few of them at a time? Let me know what you guys think. 

Also, there are novels from the world to, and there are three right now and they are about the Governor and I am definitely interested in reading them at some point. They have good reviews on goodreads and it will be interesting to read from the perspective of a different character and learn more about the infamous villain of the series.

Anyways, all in all, the basic point of this post was to tell you all that I am currently obsessed with all things The Walking Dead, so brace yourself for some reviews related to those things. Lastly, Toronto Comic Con is in a few works and Tony Moore who worked the Walking Dead graphic novels is going to be there, and I am like giddy with excitement! Maybe he can draw me with Rick. Sorry Lori, he is mine.

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  1. I'm glad you're loving everything The Walking Dead, that world is so awesome :D