Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bout of Books 9.0: Day 5 Update!

The sickness continues.. so that means lying in bed and reading a lot.

Number of books I've read today: 2

  • Outpost by Ann Aguirre
  • Horde by Ann Aguirre

Total # of pages read today: 521 pages

Total # of pages read overall: 2,103 pages

I am so glad that I finished Outpost which was a good sequel to Enclave. I did not like it as much as Enclave but still good to see how Fade and Deuce's story is continuing. I started Horde last night too and it was a lot more action packed then the other ones which is good. I am really enjoying this series. If you are looking for a dystopian YA read that is along the lines of The Hunger Games, I definitely recommend you check out those reads by Ann Aguirre. I am still feeling ill.. so I will try and read a good chunk today in bed while doing some homework. It is crazy how quickly this read-a-thon has flown by but I am really proud of myself for reading so much already!

Bout of Books


  1. Holy cow! I thought I was reading a lot at 300ish pages a day!

    Lisa @Just Another Rabid Reader

    1. haha thank you! I was in bed literally all day.