Saturday, 14 December 2013

Putting Audio books to the Vote!

So you are all probably wondering, where have I been? Well.. living life. If you classifying drowning in homework and work work living. I did not want to neglect the blog, but it happened sadly. But here I am again! And I want to talk about audio books today. I always knew there was audio books but never thought anything of it, because 1) I much prefer having an actual physical book, 2) audio books are expensive and 3) who has a cd-player lying around anymore to listen to them? (I surely don't). So yeah, to me they weren't anything special to begin with, that is, until I started driving. I drive to school and to work weekly and the commute adds up to like 5-6 hours a week, and I was getting pretty sick and tired of the same old boring radio music, so I thought why not get an audio book. I will also note here that the influence from various booktubers listening to audio books added to my interest.

I placed an order online and got Coraline by Neil Gaiman AND read by Neil Gaiman. (If you are looking for a good book, one of my favorites might I add, for a first audio book experience for a good price, I recommend chapters/indigo online). I had read Coraline countless times before and it is one of my favorite books. And let me say, having it read to me by Neil Gaiman himself was amazing. His voice is so animating that just really immerses the reader into that world. I loved it! And I finished it within 4 days of commuting. Since then, I have added a few more audio books to my collection. I like it when its a book and it has the author narrating it, it feels more personal. The commuting to places is a lot more enjoyable listening to a story rather than hearing wrecking ball on loop on all radio channels. 

So, am I converted now? An audio book lover? Yes and no. I like audio books for books that I have already read in physical form as a means of rereading it and I also prefer to have the author narrate it for a more personal experience. At the end of the day, I will always prefer a physical, tangible book. But it does not hurt to have an audio book here and there. I feel super productive "reading" while doing something that does not feel entirely productive like driving. So yeah, if you were hesitant about it, give it a try. Now is a good time to add that to your holiday wishlist! ;) 


  1. I am an audiobook fiend atm. Currently listening to Beautiful Darkness and the voice actor does a really good young, southern guy voice. And does women's voices convincingly as well.
    aimes @

    1. That is awesome! I have only read the first book in that series but I will definitely look into audiobooks. :D Thanks for the follow! :D